About Us

S.O.A.T is a Private Security Company Tailored to offer Customized, Comprehensive Solutions to Support our Clients in High Risk and Complex Environments across the Country! S.O.A.T Protects the Interest of Companies Investing and Operating Nationwide and in Emerging Markets. Our Local Network, Knowledge and Experience reduce the unknown Element for our Clients, We operate Nationally with an Enhanced Level of Operations in Risk Areas where the Potential threat is Higher. We have the Ability and Capability to Assist our Clients during the Different Phases of their Progress when Implementing Projects from Prospecting to Final Stage.

S.O.A.T Operate National, Delivering Risk and Security Solutions to Clients Across the Country, We have the Capacity to Provide the Best Security Services by Adapting our Operations to Client’s Needs and Maintain the Highest Level of Security when Deployed by Continuously Advising our Clients of Potentials Risk.


Our Consultants

We Employ Experts from the Government, Military, Police and Intelligence Sectors. We are Always Looking for Highly Skilled Individuals who fit this Profile. Our staffs is of the Highest Calibre and Includes Experienced former French Foreign Legion Personal, and Old SAW 32 Battalion, Recces, Old Taskforce and Professionals who Specialize in Hostile Environment Security.